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Mo 18.05.09 20:00 Miller's Studio
Janice Perry, Not Just Another Pretty Face: 25+ Years on Tour Kleinkunst
CHF 35 / Ermässigte CHF 25
Ab 23. April bei Migros-City, Löwenstrasse 35, 8001 Zürich
Tel.: 044 221 16 71
Janice Perry’s retrospective spans not only her international stage career, but our own recent cultural history. One of Vermont’s best known and loved natural resources, Perry laughs us through a vibrant performance of cultural icons and events - from Marilyn Monroe and Reaganomics to George the 1st, Clinton the 1st, a few Gulf Wars, Mapplethorpe’s nude photos, Arts Censorship, High Fashion, Erotica, and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Perry began international touring in 1982 with her ground-breaking solo performance work. She’s acclaimed by critics and fans in England, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Denmark and South Africa, as well as in the USA.

In simple English, 50% deutsch untertitelt.