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Mi 03.06.09 18:30 Kunsthaus
Gender, sensuality and sexuality in art Führung
Ab 23. April bei Migros-City, Löwenstrasse 35, 8001 Zürich
Tel.: 044 221 16 71
From baroque sumptuousness, 19th century prudery to the casual sixties; the collection of the Kunsthaus offers a voyage through time focussing on moral, sensual and sexual habits.

Art always reflects the customs and ethics of its time, and thus we judge baroque sumptuousness and 19th century prudery differently. On the one hand we see the Zurich lady Lydia Welti Escher about to commit adultery but dressed in her white suffocating evening gown, on the other hand Giovanni Segantinis salacious women are literally frozen in midair, floating through the icecold atmosphere. In another section, heros of our time are confronted with their counterparts of the sixties as in the work of Franz Gertsch ‘Franz and Luciano’ (1973).