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Do 07.05.09 19:00
For a Relationship Ausstellung
Dauer: 8. Mai bis 27. Juni 2009
Öffnungszeiten: Mi-Fr 14-18 h, Sa 12-16 h u.n.V.

Jim Verburg's For a Relationship is a diaristic and subjective portrayal of ties with family, friends, and lovers. The piece focuses on Verburg's own life, summarized in quickly flashing photographic stills of vacations taken, sexual exploits, tender exchanges, and encounters with landscape. What emerges is a life lived according to a system of values that the artist is eager to share. Verburg's monologue is directed at an unknown subject – perhaps a family member or friend. His hopeful attempts at communication with this individual are riddled with expectations and continually foiled.
- Mark Clintberg, Curator, Recovering Agnostic