Tour de Lorraine 2023: EQUALITY!

Company Lindh & Weingartner

EQUALITY! is about a woman and a man who want to be the same. With full physical engagement, they find all sorts of absurd, humorous, serious ways to show what equality between two people of different gender might look like. The audience is sitting around the two dancers and become directly part of how the two develop dance strategies in order to come together in being "equal", equally challenged, equally acknowledged and equally seen. Even if it gets hard, they won't give up. For one thing is certain: in every case they are equally unique!

15/20/25 CHF
Ort & Zeit:
Tojo Theater, Reitschule Bern, Neubrückstrasse 8, 3012 Bern
26. Apr., 14:00
26. Apr., 20:00
Tour de Lorraine 2023: EQUALITY!